We’re hiring
a designer

We’re looking for a forward thinking designer with a real passion for problem solving and typography who wants to create beautiful, radical and functional online experiences and brand identities.

You care deeply about design and its history, and your attention to detail is second to none.

Above all you must be able to speak up for your designs, convincingly explaining to a sometimes challenging audience the reasoning behind your choices.


  • An acute interest in and knowledge of typography
  • A portfolio of purpose-driven, meaningful and unique design (we're not interested in how good you are at following trends)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to convince a sceptical client that your solution is water-tight
  • A strong work ethic and the ability to collaborate with others
  • A thirst for knowledge and a child-like curiosity
  • A good sense of humour

Primate are a small agency and you will be thrown in the deep end from day one, working alongside our creative director and collaborating with other staff, both permantent and contractors. We need you to be at the top of your game and to grab every opportunity (we'll give you plenty) to learn new things.


  • Create exciting concepts and design beautiful things (for our clients and for ourselves)
  • Confidently present said concepts and things to clients and colleagues
  • Support our dev team by preparing appropriate graphics for build
  • Collaborate with our front-end developers throughout the development process to ensure that typography, layout and images maintain the highest degree of quality
  • Write inspiring blog posts about design matters

We want to hire someone that shares our passion for pushing the industry forward.

In return for all of your hard work and dedication, we will give you a salary of between £20k - £22k, 35 days holiday a year, flexible working hours, time to learn, tinker and create your own cool things. To apply for this job, write a convincing email telling us why we should hire you to espen@primate.co.uk